Brantford Soccer Classic

Aug 9 to Aug 11, 2019

Registered Teams and Schedules

The following teams are registered in our tournament. Click on column header to sort.
Schedules are not available yet.

Team Name Gender Age Group
Woodstock StallionsBoysU9
Woodstock StallionsBoysU9
Brantford GalaxyBoysU10
Woodstock StallionsBoysU10
Kitchener Spirit U10 Target GreenBoysU10
Glanbrook FCBoysU10
Woodstock StallionsBoysU10
Brantford Galaxy BoysU11
Woodstock StallionsBoysU11
Byron SC Yellow 08BT1ABoysU11
FDSC Fusion WhiteBoysU11
Woodstock StallionsBoysU12
Brantford Galaxy U13BoysU13
Woodstock StallionsBoysU13
Woodstock StallionsBoysU14
Kitchener SpiritBoysU14
Lincoln StormBoysU14
Brantford Galaxy BlackBoysU15
Woodstock StallionsBoysU15
FEDS United U15 BoysBoysU15
Brantford Galaxy U17BoysU17
Woodstock StrikersGirlsU10
Kitchener Spirit GirlsU10
Brantford CityGirlsU10
Kitchener Spirit DevelopmentGirlsU10
Woodstock StrikersGirlsU11
Grimsby Griffins GirlsU11
St. Catharines Jets U12 BlackGirlsU12
Brantford City Soccer ClubGirlsU12
Woodstock StrikersGirlsU12
LaSalle Stompers 2006 GirlsGirlsU13
Brantford Galaxy GirlsU13
Woodstock StrikersGirlsU13
Woodstock StrikersGirlsU14
KSC U14 Girls BGirlsU14
Guelph GryphonsGirlsU14
Georgetown MustangsGirlsU15
Mount HamiltonGirlsU15
LaSalle Stompers 04 GirlsGirlsU15
Niagara United GirlsU16
Woodstock StrikersGirlsU16
Woolwich Wolfpack GirlsU16
Woodstock StrikersGirlsU18